How to Keep Writing Your Book (Step 1)

Step One

Get Inspired

So, you want to write a book. Yay! The first step into writing a book is the desire to write a book.

I have a friend who is a fairly calm, serious person, but this girl loves Beauty and the Beast. I watched as my sister-in-law handed her a Beauty and the Beast mug, and this girl squealed like a five-year-old.

What gets your inner kid screaming for joy?

I hope you said writing, because finding that love of writing is what is going to help you finish your book!  Find the joy before you even put your fingers to the keyboard.

What inspires your inner writer?

  • Is it talking with other authors?
  • Reading a really good book?
  • Watching a movie?
  • A video game?

So many things inspire people. When I was a teenager I’d watch  a superhero movie and it would spur the inner writer in me.

Now your fingers are on the keyboard and you wrote a few pages. You’re excited and you’re ready to finish this bad boy in an hour!

Unfortunately, most novels take more than a few hours—unless you are Superman!

  • With the internet and fast food, we can easily get used to everything happening in a few seconds.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your goal is an 80k word book, and your screen is telling you that you’ve done 500 words. It’s super easy to walk away. But! If you want to write a book you gotta do the next step.

Brew your story with love



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