How to Keep Writing Your Book (Step 3)

Step 3

Write what you Love

Love what you Write

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of what’s selling now-a-days, but here’s a tip I’ve learned: write what you love and love what you write. I was reading a forum, and an author gave some great advice.

  • Pick a popular genre that you love and write that. I felt like slapping my forehead and saying, “Duh!” 

What makes you giddy and crazy?

 For me personally I have always loved the weird and the strange.

  • Superheroes
  • Weird powers
  • Paranormal

 There’s just something about a man in tights. 

Tight tights! 

I was sitting in the break room of my retail job, when suddenly I saw this image of a kid who can wield light. I started scribbling on my notepad, seeing an entire scene unfold before my eyes.

  • What sparks you?

Don’t know yet, hey, it’s okay; we’re going to find out together!

Brew your story with love


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