Ghost Writing Service

Do you have an incredible book idea, but you don’t know how to write it? I am available to write your book for you! I have written 18 novels which include non-fiction and fiction. I have written Christian romance, romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Inspirational Non-fiction, and Dystopian romance. Please check out my services below. You will own all the rights to your novel. If research is required the prices may vary.

My service includes:

I will write your novel for 0.25 a word.


10,000 word novel ($2,500)

30,000 word novel ($7,500)

50,000 word novel ($12,500)

70,000 word novel ($17,500)

100,000 word novel ($25,000)


To get your book started I’ll  need the following:

  • General plot idea
  • Characters you want included (and their descriptions unless you want me to create that.)
  • Setting (Time frame/Fantasy world etc.)
  • Any other added information you’d like.

Payments will be  made through Paypal