“Natasha is so easy to work with. She is precise and meticulous, but at the same time very accommodating. She goes far beyond grammar, helping to improve style and content as well. However, she will never force her opinion on you. More than that, she also points out passages that she finds appealing—it is a nice touch. All in all, I learned a lot from working with her—not only is my book better, but my writing has improved! I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help with either pure grammar, or in-depth editing of your book.” – F.P. Spirit, FPSpirit.com

Natasha first came to my aid as an editor when I was completing Pieces of Me; my previous editor had let me down and so she offered to go through the book a few pages at a time making helpful notes as well as pointing out spelling and grammatical errors and issues with sentence structuring. I was close to my deadline and beyond stressed and Natasha was a fantastic, calming influence. I met my deadline and the edit was completed.
My next experience was during the first draft stage of Riot Girl; again Natasha left helpful – as well as encouraging – comments and pointed out any structural errors and the usual spelling and grammatical errors.
Natasha is incredibly professional and, very importantly, reliable. She is always encouraging and a great support to indie authors; she is a pleasure to work with.
Laura J Whiskens

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